Motivated by a simple desire to make things better

Sometimes what we do looks like magic, but it isn’t. And when we tell our clients that we can save them hundreds of thousands of pounds – maybe even millions year on year – it can seem incredible. And then we tell them that we can improve their service delivery as well…

Result started out life as OXCAL in 2006

From the outset, company founder, Andy Boyd, was adamant they would not be another ‘write a report and leave’ kind of outfit. They wanted their recommendations implemented and savings realised for their clients before the end of the project. And when they did leave, they wanted to be certain they’d made a permanent change for the better.

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It’s an approach that gets results (pun intended)

Over the years, we’ve ensured airports are ready for operation, services deliver on ever tightening budgets and manufacturers operate with the minimum amount of waste and maximum amount of profit. We’ve added over £100 million in shareholder value and continue to build on that with every new project.

So no, what we do is not magic, it’s hard work and practical experience of what works and what doesn’t. It’s the application of the best methodology learnt through many, many years of tackling process inefficiency, waste and lack of skills within an organisation.

The Resultants

All the Result team, from Andy outward, get a personal kick out of taking something that’s broken and making it work at its best.

Our clients come back to us because they know we get things done. We don’t promise the impossible, but we do guarantee what we can do for a business.

Imagine what we could do for yours.

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Meet the Resultants

Scroll through to meet the Result team.

  • operational improvement consultancy, Result, Opertational Improvement Consultants, Oxford

    Andy Boyd

    Andy is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is a partner and founder of Result.

  • operational improvement consultancy, Result Oxford

    Janette Keen

    Janette is head of business administration and training director for Result.

  • Elizabeth Spikings

    Elizabeth has experience in teaching and facilitating Lean Six Sigma up to Green Belt Level.

  • Result Oxford

    Willem Van Bavel

    Prior to working with us, Willem was involved in Air Cargo Real Estate Development as a Project Manager.

  • Gavin Price

    Gavin has experience in aviation and manufacturing sectors.

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