Re•sult•an•cy: noun

A professional practice that comes into the heart of your operation, finds out what’s really going on and works alongside your staff to improve your processes until you achieve the guaranteed return on investment.

The Resultancy process is made up of three distinct stages – each one progressively more detailed

The foundation is rooted in Lean Six Sigma methodology and improves your product or service while boosting profits through eliminating costly inefficiencies. Reflecting our own approach to process efficiency, each stage delivers the most relevant and practical advice possible in the time given.

In short – we won’t waste your time

Stage 1: Rapid Results Workshop

For your management team, the workshop is a half day of intense fact-finding. We learn about your business, you learn about best practice and together we come up with an action plan for you to implement when you get back.

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Stage 2: Rapid Results Diagnostic

We send a team of Resultants into your business to focus on an area of your choosing. Depending on your choice, we’ll spend two to six weeks unearthing everything about your business. We then provide you with a detailed plan of what you need to do to turn your business around – including a financial business case.

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Stage 3: Rapid Result Implementation

In a nutshell, we lead the implementation plan created in stage 2. We roll up our sleeves, work alongside your staff and make the plan work as promised. We test all processes for robustness, train your staff and only leave when everything’s working as we said it would.

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Before we begin we guarantee the outcome

If you’ve got a problem that needs sorting or staff who need training, then the Resultancy Process will help. Projects can last from a few weeks to several months – the only things that’s set in stone is the guarantee.

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